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Your ceremony should be as unique as the two of you!

I will help you plan a ceremony that compliments you as individuals and as a couple, and I will make sure that you are in the forefront.


“A Wedding With Spirit is Love, Laughter and Tears of Joy. A Special Day, warm memories of friends and family. A day to share your deepest feelings. A ceremony just for you and the one you love.”

Your wedding ceremony should be as unique as the two of you.


Interfaith, non-denominational and alternative wedding ceremonies also supporting the LGBTQ community. Rabbi Barry will help you create an wedding ceremony as unique as the two of you.

While living in Southern California, Rabbi Barry will travel anywhere in the World to officiate your wedding ceremony.

As with any culture, traditions will very within Judaism as in all religions. Rabbi Barry wants to know and incorporate non-Jewish traditions that resonate with both sides of the isle.

So, if you have some great ideas for your wedding ceremony, give Rabbi Barry a call to discuss how you can certainly have a wedding as unique as the two of you.


Custom Ketubah

Your  Custom Ketubah is an important part of your wedding day – something that will be cherished throughout the years.  In the past, couples had very little involvement with the creation of their Ketubah. 

We are unique to other Ketubah companies, who charge extra for every change or customization.  

Your custom Ketubah offers you and your beloved a one of a kind opportunity to collaborate with the artist, and create a custom Ketubah that is uniquely yours.