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In 3 Steps

We will create the perfect ceremony.



It’s essential that you feel totally comfortable booking with me. I offer a fun, no-obligation consultation and ceremony creation before you ever sign a contract. 

The first step is a phone call to get to know one another. Also, I will explain everything you need to know and answer all your questions. Once you feel comfortable, we will set up our ceremony planning meeting..


Typically conducted via Skype, Facetime, phone, or in person that can be arranged.  I will hold your wedding date for 10 days after our meeting together giving you has ample time to talk it out before you make your decision.

I will ask you questions about what you feel is essential to include in your ceremony and get to know the two of you and learn about your relationship.  This information will help me in writing your celebration to make sure it reflects your beliefs and personalities.

Ceremony Build

Once you’ve made the decision to hire me, its time to sit down and get to fine tuning. Following your planning meeting, I will write a full draft of your ceremony and email it to you for your review.  You can revise your draft ceremony as much as you’d like until it is the exact wedding ceremony you want, and then simply email your edited draft back.

I want it to feel perfect – if you need additional suggestions or guidance, I am happy to help at no additional charge.

Lastly, I’ll arrive at your wedding early to help coordinate with your attendants and vendors and get ready for the processional.  I am more than happy to work with other wedding professionals and am perfectly comfortable with photographers taking pictures anywhere they would like during the ceremony.  I will deliver the exact service we have discussed, and create a wonderful experience for you and your guests.


A Detailed Look At The Planning Process Below


What to expect, planning your ceremony.

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Your ceremony should be as unique as the two of you! I will help you plan a ceremony that compliments you as individuals and as a couple, and I will make sure that you are in the forefront. You have a twenty to thirty minute window of opportunity to share your most heartfelt feelings for each other and for the most important people in your lives. Together we will construct a ceremony that will reflect your union, communicate who you are and express the fundamental beliefs that you share.

After our initial phone consultation, we will plan a meeting to create your ceremony. This meeting lasts about an hour.  I will share suggestions and ideas that will bring your wedding to a visual and personal celebration. During our time together you will have an opportunity to get a sense of my style, humor and presentation skills. It is extremely important, especially in an interfaith ceremony, to share all the details with you so there won’t be any surprises on your best day ever! I will perform the entire ceremony for you as it is being created. This eliminates any anxiety on your part and you can be confident that your ceremony will be performed just as you planned.

For over 20 years I have officiated for some of the most interesting couples and at some of the most beautiful locations on earth. But while it is wonderful to throw an extravagant wedding, it is not necessary to spend many thousands of dollars for all the extras. I have discovered, that my job from the very beginning of the ceremony, is to build up the energy and excitement of what is happening to the point that when the glass is broken, there is a resounding roar of, “Mazel Tov!” from every guest. If this is achieved, the cocktail hour and reception will be off the charts, no matter where it is and how much you have spent. Heart and Joy is what is remembered of your day. The ambiance can be simple and understated or lavish but if the ceremony that has the capability to open the hearts of your family and friends.

We will begin with a meeting of the three of us. We will get to know about each other and I will begin looking for aspects that can be included in the proceedings. Between our initial meeting, I will be accessible to you throughout the planning process via, email, texts, Face Time or Skype and in person meetings.

Pre-marital counseling is available if a couple wishes but it is not required. Some of the topics that may be covered in counseling are conflict resolution, communication skills, religious differences, and planning for children. I can also refer couples to a psychotherapist for deeper issues if needed.

In addition, I can refer you to excellent wedding coordinators that I have worked with for many years who can assist you with the month of, the day before, or on the day of the wedding to handle of your personal details and needs. Coordinators are also available to handle your wedding from beginning to end. Please ask for specifics. Again, it is my desire to help make your best day ever a day that will be lovingly remembered by all … a wedding “as unique as the two of you!”