Recently, I have been asked to share a relatively new tradition to wedding ceremonies. This is especially beautiful for a Jewish or Interfaith ceremony. There is a Jewish tradition called the, “The Seven Blessings” The second century tradition has evolved over time to be a lovely inclusion into the wedding. These are seven different blessings for different aspects of the couple’s relationship and their connection to their traditions.

Textual versions of the 7 Blessings are modified or customized to reflect the couple getting married. Traditionally, the Rabbi will recite them but this is a perfect time to honor some special people in your lives. I recommend that a Father or all their parents, friends or family to each read a blessing.

Now, we come to the box. A beautiful wooden box is sitting on a sturdy table. It has seven pre-drilled holes in the lid to match the box. There are seven brass nails that will fit in each hole. The box can be custom made or purchased at a wine or craft shop. The couple selects a favorite, special bottle of wine that they both love. They place the wine inside the box along with a private letters, unread by the other, about how they feel on their wedding day. Each letter is sealed and included into the box.

I usually explain what is happening, play by play and then the seven readers are invited up to each read a blessing and hammer in a nail for each blessing.

The couple displays the box in their home for five years at which time, they, open the box, read the letters and drink the wine. On your wedding day, you are creating an Echod Moment for your fifth anniversary. Now that’s special!

Barry Tuchman