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My Rabbis Ketubah makes every effort to provide current and accurate information on our websites regarding descriptions, pricing and availability of products. However, on occasion, an error can occur. We will not be required to sell a product based on incorrect information on our websites. You will be notified of the error as soon as it comes to light and you, or we, will have the option of canceling the order. Should your order be cancelled before work has begun, you will receive a full refund if your credit card has already been charged.

We reserve the right to change prices for products and services sold on our websites, effective immediately upon posting the changes on the site. If you have already placed an order, the price that appeared at the time of your order will be honored.

We cannot be held responsible for, and cannot guarantee, the timely delivery of a product once it is in the possession of UPS or other shipper. On occasion, shippers misroute packages and they are not delivered in the time specified for a particular shipping priority. This is beyond our control. Incorrect or incomplete addresses also cause delays and incur extra charges. These charges are your responsibility.

Packages are insured for damage and loss. Please keep original packaging if your item arrives damaged so the shipper can process the claim.
We cannot be held responsible for damage done to a product once it has been delivered including, but not limited to, paper damage due to environmental conditions, damage by calligraphers or other individuals who fill in the ketubah or framers.

We cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred due to products not being delivered on time, due to shippers’ errors or your failure to follow up on your order. We diligently complete and ship orders in a timely manner but, on occasion, an order placed via the shopping cart, fax or mail does not reach us. If you have not heard from us it is your responsibility to check on your order.

My Rabbis Ketubah is committed to security and we do our best to maintain a clean site, but we cannot be held liable for damages to your computer system or loss of data should any virus be transmitted while using our site or receiving emails from us.


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