Alan Dressler, Author of Voyage to the Great Attractor. Along with other top scientist, began the project of mapping the Universe, as we know it today because of the Hubble Telescope. Alan is also on the team that is building the world’s largest telescope, which will take astronomy to the next level.

The Great Attractor was at work when Alan met Charmeen. Their mutual love of Art, Music, Poetry and nature made a permanent connection to the soul.

The ceremony included a blend of Jewish and Chinese traditions. My three favorites were the Tea Ceremony, presented to the only living parent, Charmeen’s Mother. Another notable event was at the end when, traditionally, I wrap the couple with a Tallit for the Benediction, they selected a beautiful Red Shawl to wrap the two of them in. Afterward, all the guests will sign the Stole as a permanent keepsake. The breaking of the glass was also impacting. Alan had from his Mothers possessions, a set of 8 Antique Orrifores Crystal glasses. One of these treasures was what they used for the breaking of the glass. It demonstrated that even the most valuable material possessions, pale in comparison to the love that is celebrated in this moment.

One more thing, I was able to surprise the groom by using the title of his book as the theme of the wedding, “A Voyage to the Great Attractor”

Barry Tuchman