A Picture is worth a 1000 words. But, carefully selected words speaks louder yet.

Explaining to couples that in a wedding ceremony; there are four containers of energy.  The first is the Ketubah.  Typically as Jews, we think of a Ketubah containing, religious and legal aspects that relates to the commandments.  There is another dimension to this tradition that can contain much life and connection to one another.  I call the Ketubah, a “Container of Energy”.  The more personable the Ketubah is to the individual couple, the more of their energies will be contained in it.

Most couples do not include a commissioned, custom Ketubah in their wedding budget.  After all, to create a matchless artistic expression from the couples perspective can be very expensive.  The time it takes an artist to not only resonate with each couple can command thousands of dollars and a lot of time.  Hence the need for stock Ketubot prints that are affordable has a great demand.

Just this last year, I performed two weddings a week apart and both couples had the exact same Ketubah.  It was beautiful and I understand the attraction they had to it.  However, there really was no personalization to the document that made it, “their own”.  Yes, their names, parents names, date and location of their wedding was included but that is all. 

Yes, it is possible for on line Ketubah companies to make changes and alterations to the Ketubah they ordered, but with a price for each individual directive.  Depending on the couples budget, it may be cost prohibitive to get a work of art and text that expresses who they are as a couple and their promises to each other.

Barry Tuchman