New Year, ReNew Vows

What a wonderful experience!  Michael called me a couple weeks ago and wanted to have a private time with his wife who he married a year ago.  They had a very difficult first year of marriage.  Besides adjusting to marriage, there were several unusual events that created stress in their relationship.
Michael rented a condo in Malibu and wanted to make the weekend special.  He wanted me to be a surprise for Leyla.  So after a few texts back and forth, at the right time, I knocked on the door and called out, “Room Service!”  When Leyla opened the door, I was holding a tray with a bottle of Champaign, two flutes, waffle’s, strawberry’s and whipped cream.  Needless to say, she was in shock!  She remembered what I looked like but I was totally out of context for her.
We shared in the room some important truths about growth and marriage, blessed the wine and went out to the beach.  In the brilliant fall weather, I stepped back away from the couple as they spoke from their hearts their promises for the future year ahead.  As this was happening, I snapped a few photos of them renewing their commitment to each other.
How great is it that their Anniversary is so close to the New Year?  Every year, they will be able to celebrate their union with an annual holyday reminder of power of personal renewal.
Thank you Michael and Leyla for including me in this intimate and moving moment!




Barry Tuchman