What is the deal with the Chuppah?

The first thought that comes to my mind when I think of the Chuppah and Home is, a place of safety. Aspace where the two of you becomeArtists, surrounding yourselves with your expressions of love and home.

Home is the center of the couple’s life together.

Having a symbol of theHome makes perfect sense in creating your wedding ceremony. Jewish or not, the Wedding Canapé is an icon that should be considered when crafting your ceremony.I don’t want couples to have a Chuppah because it is expected of by the Jewish partner or the parentsexpectations. I always encourage couples to think about what “Home”means to them and how they can personalize their Chuppah.

This is what makes the Chuppah so powerful.I don’t mean, how the florist decorates it, it is about why you chose theflowers you are using.

Using a Father’s or Grandfather’s tallit, (prayershawl) coving the Chuppah speaks of the generations of devotion to Godcovers your home. If the groom selects to make the Chuppah poles, thekind of wood used can have symbolism as to the personality of yourrelationship to each other.

If the Chuppah is large, it speaks of a largefamily, if small, the word, cozy comes to mind. Manzanita wood is thestrongest wood on the planet.

That speaks to the strength of yourrelationship. Willow, speaks of being able to bend with the winds of time

Barry Tuchman